Concrete ballerina

January 20, 2011
By southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
southern-cossack GOLD, Concord, North Carolina
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Welcome back, it’s time for our final event, the balance routine.
And here comes Maria stepping up onto the beam
Two steps out, staying very well balanced
Her concentration is amazing; it seems that a crowd is forming now
Whoa, almost lost her footing there
And the crowd and judges saw it, but let’s see if she can recover
Nice… nice, almost at the edge now, the crowd is getting worried
And now the dismount…you could cut the tension with a knife
There she goes… one flip, two flips, three flips, she tucks in… and she sticks the landing!
The crowd's is going crazy but let’s see what the judges think
Ok first judge…a 9 nice score, second judge…ow looks like a 1, and the last judge…another 1
Looks like Maria’s not going anywhere now
We’ll be right back for the next routine after the blood is wiped up.

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