What Night Changes Souls

January 20, 2011
I will close my eyes,
my ears,
and open my mouth
to the song of the dead.

For I have lost you
among the nothingness
and wish to feel
your breath on my lips
once again.

I strive with open arms
to the livid, entrancing dreams,
for that day when
you come back to me.

It's naïve, isn't it?
To feel as though you're
never alone, always watched
by an unseen force
protecting you?

I feel that way in my sleep,
when I dream of distant mountains,
and the gurgling of some far off stream.
With elk and the proud wolf,
stalking its prey without fail.

As you have stalked me.

There are times, when, out of fear,
I long for your embrace,
but wake to an empty bed and
a thundering night.

Nightmares stalk the shadowed soul,
as you had to me once.

Funny, how I imagine things now.
Because I've never once turn my back
on the dreamworld.

For in my dreams there is you.
And that is where my heart
will always be.

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