A world close to our own

January 20, 2011
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I walk in to a world close to my own
where once crowded streets now
lay empty and barren with no sign
of growth or prosperity
a street buried with filth;
carton-made houses
decorate the sides walks
and I am a newly born baby
only watching
feeling helpless
as they pass by me
old,young,some in wheelchairs
others dressed in scraps of clothes
,and of all different races coming together
accepting what little food the church
gives them,two rolled up tortillas
filled with beans and rice
every Sunday the same food over
and over again,my heart shatters as
I watch the line piles up growing
bigger swallowing me up
watching the food shrink up and
wondering deep in thought
how many how many people go without food
this instant ,in every city,state,country
and in this whole wide world
then my hope rises
the world is not immoral
and like my hope that roused up
it crashed down
shattering the image
I created of my utopia
without poverty,starvation,
and all evil deeds that occur everyday
alas I cant patch up this vile world by myself,
I need help
strong arms
compassionate hearts
and many hands to help out in this cause
that we hide it in a black cloak
wanting,hoping,prying that all we see is a lie..

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SophiaCross said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 9:32 am
I absolutely love this!
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