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January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Ring, a symbolism of marriage
Vows, a symbolism of commitment
A cross, a symbolism of Christ
Babies, a symbolism of love
All the beautiful symbols created by mankind
But as beautiful as those symbol are
We create some that aren’t
Guns, a symbolism of death
Gangs, a symbolism of destruction
Make-up, a symbolism of insecurity
Drugs, a symbolism of pain relieve
What good does these things do for us?
There’s other symbols that makes us strong
The red badge of courage, a symbolism of courage
The purple heart, a symbolism of bravery
The American flag, a symbolism of power
The Bald Eagle, a symbolism of freedom
These are the type of symbols that creates a foundation
These are the type of symbols that brings patriotism
We’re proud to be an American
We choose which symbols to live by
Which symbols to avoid
Which symbols define us
Because in the end
Your actions and thoughts symbolizes you

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