The Road

January 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I don’t want to watch my steps

Just to see where I’ll fall

Every tripwire string

Every object in my way

They halter my moves

I don’t really avoid them

'Cause I see them, I swear

I just can’t get the timing

I’ll get it some time

Just have to keep up the mind set

Keep my eyes off the floor

Keep ‘em up on the road

Maybe soon I’ll be able

To walk and not fall

But, heck, I don’t know

With every fall I get stronger

With every mistake I get better

I’m just making my way

Down a dead-end street

Finding people to care for

And people to leave

I'm going to keep it up while I can

'Cause I can sleep when I’m dead

I've got places to go

And mistakes to be made

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