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A Heartache In Love

January 20, 2011
By ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Today I’m in love with you
nothing changing that.
I love you.
I’d die to get you,
and for you.
My love for you I’m never nervous or scared to show it.
Excited to see you,
waiting to see you the next time,
waiting to see you next time
giving me a heartache;
I want you to stay forever
I couldn’t stand to see you hurt,
I’d try to take the pain away from you
Tonight I’m in love with you
Having this heartache,
I know that now without you -
I cease to live like I was never born.
Days I’m with you its timeless,
I wonder when you are not with me
if I was even with you those days,
because its is like the best hangover
where yesterday seemed like a dream.
I had that past night.
I fly in the sky with my love for you.
Lets fly together
Carrying the love I have for you
if you stay my heart is unbearably hurt.
I’m dark as night,
and light as daytime.
Never the one to break your heart,
always the one who helps you put your heart together again after every heart break you’ve had
Yet you never payed any attention to me.
My heart ached then,
Yet never broke;
I’m not going to give up on you so easily.
I’ll protect you from the nightmares,
I’ll be your dream catcher,
and make the dreams that you’ve had
since a little girl come true.
Just to you happy and not so down.
Lets push away the things that bring you down.
I’m God’s gift to you.
Your Guardian Angel...
Nothing will ever get to you without passing me first. Tomorrow will I have a heartache because you are not there? Please say no?
But I know that my heart will ache at times
and I just have to endure the pain.
Pain hurts let me just go
stop suffering
because my heart hurts more than being ripped apart
One by one,
each body part at a time.
Kill me because I do not want to endure this pain,
nor do I have a choice.
Just come back to me,
nothing is working to ease the pain.
Just you will heal me back to normal.
My heart missed you,
It’s crying,
I’m crying for you to come back.
I’m dying to get with you,
slipping into Heaven
with every second
I wait for you.
Bring me back I’m not ready for Heaven yet,
My life hasn’t been spent with you til the death yet.
Just bring me back...

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