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Mother Monster

January 20, 2011
By Dancer_2012 BRONZE, Breckenridge, Minnesota
Dancer_2012 BRONZE, Breckenridge, Minnesota
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“The secret to a beautiful dance is to turn yourself inside out and set your soul on fire.”

So you call yourself my mother huh?
Your not any kind of mother to me.
Your mean, I'm not your slave.
I didn't come into this world for you to push me around, throwing off all your dirty work on me.
Your selfish.
Just because your the one that likes it doesn't mean the rest of us do, there are other people here.
you make decisions without consent.
That haircut i wanted?
Ya, I'm old enough to make my own decisions mother, I'm not a little kid anymore.
You don't care.
You care about yourself and your 2 favorite girls, but I'm just a piece of dust on the minute windshield you call your life.
You cant wait to get rid of me.
You send texts and emails yelling at me, for nothing i have done.
Your not a mother, your a monster, sucking all the life out of me so nothing is left but a dark, black pile of nothingness.
Mother Monster... does it suit you? I'm done with this, i need out, away from you, so you cant drain me anymore.
I'm done.
Have a nice life with your kids and husband.
Goodbye, Mother monster.

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