Without the Devil

January 20, 2011
By the.fall BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
the.fall BRONZE, Saskatoon, Other
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I will not cry again, no more tears hit the floor
You left me here alone to stay, a bomb outside the door.
I hear the ticking of the timer, getting louder in my head
About to shatter it in a million pieces because of things you said.
You made a fool of me and cracked my soul in two
Tried to chase away my dreams, but because of this I grew.
You will not get away with this, you made the poor girl cry
So innocent and beautiful, you caused her heart to die
Once a knight in armor, swept me off my feet
Until the devil showed himself, him I had to defeat.
No longer am I below you, or in a lonely place
You deserve no life at all, you devil, you disgrace.
The thoughts have vanished from my mind
The memory of you has been erased from the past time.
So I’m different than you expected, but I could say the same
Everyone is different, but I’m fed up with your game.
I refused to change, who I am for you
And in the end you weren’t there, your love was never true
Tried to clip my wings, so I could not fly
Smothered me and held be back, cause you thought without you I would die
But look at me now, soaring high in the sky
My confidence is empowering, I got over your lie
So I’m not going to forgive you, and forget you I easily will
Hope you remember what you lost, cause lonely you are still.
I stopped the ticking of the bomb before it stopped me
Without the devil by my side, I can finally see.

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