January 20, 2011
I stood on the edge of the sunrise,
Waiting for my breath to escape
Just in time to catch a glimpse of my faded reflection

I’ve waited too long for the chance to smile
While holding his chain of emotions in my hands
And still I know I won’t stay past December

A strong wind pulls me back to life
Another beginning I feel I am close to
Yet he still struggles to feed me words of renewal
And I fear, the embers will cool this bond to ashes

I’ve been running after something I don’t want to chase
If it means, I’ll be giving more than I am willing to
Three simplistic words, more than I could say
These hearts don’t live longer than this life;
I’m not about to stretch this last dance
To something more than brevity

I’m chasing waterfalls, but leaving footsteps in the sand
I’m jumping in deeper than ever
I know I lost more than a friend
But at the edge of the sun, you will live
Without the division
Count each breath in numbers,
I am gone
And I have been all along

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