Fight of the Night

January 20, 2011
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Stepping out my window,
Tiptoeing down the edge.
Sitting down the roof, urging to soar
Feel the cold air as I rip through the beautiful sky,
Gliding through the darkness of the night.
Towards the bright light, cast by the moon.

Dreading the freedom I grasp, slowly slipping away,
Freezing from the ice cold wind this December night.
Trudging through the snow.

Slipping and falling down back to the edge
Diving for anything…sadly, I grasp a brittle piece of ice, “snap”
Then whispering in struggle and fear “never let go,”
Losing hope in my already numb body.

All I feel is my body hanging by my brittle fingers.
Pulling myself up with an crackly seventh grader shriek,
Recklessly sprinting up the roof to my window,
Lunging forward, eyes closed.

On my bed engulfed by the freezing cold.
My body yearning for heat from my dark and quiet room,
Remembering the freedom of the night sky, nothing else.

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