Peter and Wendy

January 20, 2011
It’s as if you think I don’t know
the answer to my own question
when you say you don’t know
if you’re okay, if you’re happy.

I almost cry, cause honestly,
all I want is for you to smile
and stay on my back porch
til the sun goes down
and you’ve got to go.

I’m a handful, I’m a bit much,
I know.
I’m melodramatic and I overthink things.
I could be bipolar
and I drink poisonous things.
If I were you, I’d get quite sick of me.

But the last thing I want
is for you to lose that toothy grin
that makes me believe
you’re not just a lost boy.

Keep smiling and never change.
Just stay young, and stay mine.

Forever, Neverland.

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