January 9, 2011
By smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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define the word “popular” for me.
define the word “cool” for me.

was there some meeting, some note passed around, that explained what it is to be popular?
i dont understand.

i dont get why THEY get to be the ones, the ones with the good hair, and great style.
the ones that smile, because theyre happy. the ones that dont have anything to frown about.
the ones with all the guy friends, and boyfriends, and the ones that have every girl wanting to be them.
the ones that seem to have it all.

define the word “nerd” for me.
define the word “weird” for me.

in the meeting for popularity, did they suddenly decide who was going to be picked on? did they decide that there was only one kind of beauty, and there was only a handful of kids who got to be beautiful?

if i asked someone ‘popular’ to define beautiful to me, they would most likely list their own traits. they would say beauty is having pretty features, that its having the type of style that everyone has, and trying to get people to be jealous of you, and having boys want to go out with you.

if someone asked me to define beauty, i would say it is having a certain vibe, a certain glow, that makes everyone happy to see you. beauty is the power of sincerity, and care. it is trying your best for YOU, not for other people. it is spreading smiles and happiness around to everybody, not just that handful of people.

if someone asked me to define ‘popular’ i wouldnt know how to explain it.
if someone asked me to define ‘nerd’ i wouldnt know how to describe it.

these are the things that are people see, but they dont actually know.
no one knows how to be ‘popular’, no one knows how to be a ‘nerd’.
they know how to be either a) themselves or b) someone else.

there is no such thing as popular. and no such thing as nerdiness. theyre labels that people would die to have.

i dont understand, how in a highschool of…6000+ people, 6000+ different looks, different personalites, there always seems to be a popular group, and a popular way. the one that everybody knows about and everybody needs to be.

bottom line? cliques, stereotypes, highschool. theyre all stupid, and they all need to change.

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