to get through the fog

January 9, 2011
By smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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i cant see because i'm blinded by the hate.
you cant see because you'd rather not.

you don't face the truth.
you aren't real,
your fake.
you lie.

you lie to yourself,
you lie, and tell yourself,
nothings wrong.
it doesn't hurt.
but it does.

it stains your life.

stains that are so bad,
you cant get rid of them.
your stained with the memory.
your stained with the lies.
your stained with the blindness.
the blindness that cant be cured.
it cant be cured without your love.

but your unable to love me,
because your blind,
blind from my hate.
blind from your hate.
blind from your problems.

I'll know when you get through the fog,
through from your blindness.
I'll know when you can see again,
when i can feel loved again.

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