Ode to Shoes

December 17, 2010
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Oh shoes
The closet door wide open
I open my eyes
I see all you shoes
Nikes, Pumas, Pastries,
and more
I don’t know which of you too pick
I say to my self
Why don’t I wear my Pumas
Well I cant you don’t match my outfit
Then I look

Oh shoes
I love you flip flops the most
You are so comfy on my feet
When I wear you I feel
The wonderful wind going on my feet
I put you on
Then I see that you’re black
Oh shoes you match my outfit today
So should I where
Flip Flops
Well yes I will today
What bout tomorrow
Then I look

Oh shoes
My eyes wide open
I see you three color shoes
You are purple
Pink, and blue
I see that you are my Nikes
Do you match my outfit today
Then I look

Oh shoes you are so sweet
I love the way you
Fit on my feet
I will buy more and more of you
Never will forget about
How much I love you, shoes
You just make me feel so great

Oh shoes

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