December 17, 2010
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A bad day goes worse when you ask yourself...
how is that possible? Already in pain physically,
come to school receive it mentally, have "friends" and
get it emotionally. Pain can be all sorts of messed
up things in this world, but when you hear,
"nobody loves you...", you don’t believe it
until someone is standing next to you and says two words...
we're over. Because that’s when you stop.
Your heart slows, and once they confirm your beliefs, your bad day just got worse.
Depression sets in, pain hardens and molts into a new shell...anger.
Anger melts into sadness and sadness eventually evaporates.
But, how long is eventually when you can't even comprehend the next hour?
An un-measurable amount of time for no reason.
Two more words...messed up.
But once the pain hardens, the anger molts, and the sadness evaporates,
it still leaves you with an empty feeling of loneliness?
If that question was answerable, life would be livable,
maybe even enjoyable, but when those two words are spoken to you
this is the last thing even thinkable.
You ask yourself "why" and curse the heavens in regret and sadness
and nothing is said back to you, leaving you completely...Alone...

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