December 17, 2010
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America's Sweetheart,
is crashing down again.
The girls are hiding,
As the boys become men.
The lipstick washed away.
The TV channel changed.
The suns battery drained,
Every step becomes pain.
The last kiss of the night,
Just might not be enough.
But put the knife away,
You'll just have to be tough.
The harvest moon above,
The lonely house below.
The truth just can't be heard,
If your hands don't let go.
Our whispered song is heard.
My glass heart on a charm.
A shattered window,
And a silent alarm.
Under the lamppost,
In the dark,
Sitting alone,
Crying in the park.
the ground is shaking,
the words unspoken,
Tonight America's sweetheart's heart was broken.

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lexlex600 said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 8:18 am
i can rlly understand wat its saying as if a personality changed in a split second,its rlly good,it relates to me too, keep it up
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