Crowded by solitude .

January 8, 2011
the tears rush
rush from my eyes as i try
i try to fight
fight what i thought never existed

i thought it was gone
gone far from here
from here on out i should know
i should know no one is to be trusted
to be trusted you have to earn it
to earn it all back is nearly impossible

perhaps the word impossible is nonexistent
nonexistent is the way these feelings should be
these feelings should be covered and they should perish
perish from my heart and soul
my heart and soul just wants to be free
free from these ropes of what i thought was true love

true love is hard to find
true love is the nonexistent thing that i long for
i long for deliverance
i long for freedom
i long for someone new

but i just feel crowded

crowded by voices i cannot hear
crowded by people i cannot see
crowded by questions i cannot answer

i feel alone
i feel empty
i feel incomplete
i feel lost
i feel crowded
crowded by complete solitude.

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lbbarlow125 said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 3:48 pm
wow thats reallyyy good!!
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