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Love =puzzles [not] Love = bananas.

Hot Cross Buns.
Hot Cross Buns.
One a penny.
Two a penny.
Hot Cross Buns.

Excuse me sir...
I need a dose of something to fix my problems up please?

Black, ominous clouds.
Pouring, threatening rain.
Crashing, terrifying lightning.
Booming, awe striking thunder.
S t o r m.

Jealousy is an evil little thing.
It hurts.
Claws and devours.
Scrapes and tears.
Ripping you apart.

And you are
….not it.

I threw away my secret,
Locked away my heart,
I'll never let you find out now,
You are in every part.

Excuse me mam...
I need one ticket to “anywhere away from here” please?

Close the door

I tell everyone no.
You tell everyone yes.
I tell you yes.
You tell me no.

Yes or No?

Quite a simple question really.
But is it?

What is simple?
2 + 2 = 4.

Or maybe
Primary Colors.

A banana is simple.
Simple color.
Simple appearance.
Simple taste.

Love should be like a banana.

It is not.
It is a puzzle with
2 different boxes mixed
many pieces missing.
So very frustrating.
And impossible.

Excuse me sir...
I need one retry at ummm everything please?

Nursery rhymes are odd.
Who would stick their thumb in a pie?
And who makes plum pie?
Why would an egg be sitting on a wall?
And why would the kings soldiers care if an egg broke?

You hit the mark.

Consider yourself talented.
Or just very lucky.

Teach me.

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