We Are None

January 8, 2011
To the world, I am none.
My existence is such that
it makes absolutely no difference
in the grand scheme of things.
I am nothing at all.

I have no purpose,
no reason for being.
But do any of us,
We're living in a world
of forgotten memories.
Each day that passes is
another day gone;
lost, forever.
For each of us,
living in this world
means patiently awaiting our end.

And what will this all matter,
when we're in a better place?
Will we look back and think,
why did we care?
Nothing mattered.
We didn't change anything.
Our existence had no
effect on the world in which
we existed.

So what does it matter?

Maybe the answers have been here all along,
forgotten amongst the dusty pages
of other forgotten stories.

Maybe, all we have to do,
is look.

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