Peanut Butter and Mustard.

January 8, 2011
By missqueenbee SILVER, Newark, Texas
missqueenbee SILVER, Newark, Texas
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Seriously, stop talking to me.

I need a silencer on my brain,
Because we obviously can't come to an agreement.
Green grass.
Soft Breeze.
Instead I have
Messy dorm room.
Crowded life.
and Too Much Noise.

Peas and Carrots.
Shampoo and Curls.

Peanut Butter and Mustard?
Fit, Fit, Fit together!!
But they won't.

Do you say polka dots or polka spots?

What would happen if I told someone exactly what I thought of them?
Like everything I thought had to come out of my mouth.
Or if my brain was laid out on a huge examining table in the middle of an empty room.
Exposed and Naked.
And everyone was given magnifying glasses and medical instruments and told to
Go have fun.
And they could all see everything in there.
Everything I can't say but I have unwritten words for in my head.
Words that make no sense.
To anyone but me...
And they saw everything I want to be, want to become, the dreams I have, the plans I make,
Who's only audience has been me.

Or what if cows had stripes?

Why am I so good at talking...
Until I need to talk?

It's like oh yes, I could ramble on about quite literally nothing,
like candles and lotion,
ear wax and denim.

But corner me and ask me to tell you what's really on my mind.
And it's
Deer in headlights.

Big word...
I personally love it.

So many uses, so many options!
It's kinda like Deodorant.
But not.
Because Deodorant only has one use.
Covering up bad odors.

Ok, then it's kinda like a box.
Yes, yes
A box.

Sticky Notes are amazing.
Pretty much my lifesaver,
I'm sure.

Do you like meatballs?
What if they were raining from the sky?
Would you like them then?

Just wondering.
Oh, and why are bar codes made of lines?
Why not little tiny circles?

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?

I do.
Monsters are real.
My beastly brain has proved that.

How do you say tomato?

The author's comments:
Polka Dots.

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