January 8, 2011
Just meet me on the ocean shore
Where the waves will wash away my misery
To catch my problems with a lure
So I can find that happiness with no hurry

Meet me on the mountains high
Where the snow is white and pure
To have the truth and no lies
So I can finally have that everlasting cure

Meet me on the hot desert sand
Where the heat is blazing and dry
To have every injustice; a reprimand
So I can look up into that clear blue sky

Meet me on the jungle floor
Where the vines grow tall and thick
To have my mind explore
So I can build back walls of brick

Meet me at the grassy plain
Where the grass flows with the wind
To have my freedom rain
So I can let myself just blend

Meet me on the frozen glaciers
Where the ice keeps its composure
To have have my heart thump like a million of tiny dancers
So I can have that solid closure

Meet me on the dense clouds
Where the lighting and rain are below
To have that chaos a subtle whisper of sounds
So I can drift away with the ever-changing flow

Meet me wherever I go
Where chances are many and never end
To have myself only to show
So I can be nothing but a friend

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