January 8, 2011
I stare into the mirror,
Searching past the glass.

Suddenly, startled, I see something there.
I am scared of the person who stares back at me.
"I don't know you," I mouth to her...
But in shock I watch her lips form the same words.
We look at each other with a perfect "O" of surprise on our lips.

"Is it?"
"How could this happen?"
"No!" I shout in a burst of emotion.
This person, this girl, standing here...
Echoing me is not me.
I know she's not.
Because I know me!
I know everything about me.

"Surely, I couldn't just...
Forget me?"

I reach up, slowly, and with the exact expression
Of confusion and hurt that I feel radiating through me,
She touches my hand on the glass.

We evaluate each other like this for what seems like eternity,
And somewhere in that moment, through the haze in my mind,
I decide something.

"Hey....me," I say, tentatively, but clearly.
"We have a lot of catching up to do.
You start first."

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