Everything Changes

January 8, 2011
By danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Forgive and forget, but don't forget why you're here."

Everything changes, the moment you let it slip away
These choices, the way life arranges
Makes you into who you are each and every day

Fulfilling what you know He told you is right
And even if it means letting go of something precious
Even if it means losing sleep tonight..
You follow His words anyway, because of how He lived
And how He died

Each sacrifice you make, you remember the time and place
Of His suffering, and you stop and feel the quiet
The still, subtle silence
And you realize that tomorrow will be another day

Taking it one step, one pace, one motion at a time
Sure that the distress for now is only a small price..
You live in the here, the existing, the instant
The possibilities of the things you could accomplish are infinite
And as you walk through a lifetime, He smiles for you
Just for you..

‘Cause he knows that you struggle, and He knows that you ache
But He also believes that you know why you must take..
What you don’t deserve, what you wish wouldn’t occur
It’s never in vain, though
Ever sustained in hope is the clearest way you know how to live

Even though there’s still the one guy who’s stolen your heart
You don’t know where to begin, asking God
“What’s going on with this?”
And even though these questions enter your head
You can’t stop smiling and knowing that it’s so right

You’ll wait as many years as it might take
Just to see God’s judgment finally take hold
To see his smile light up his eyes
To feel in your heart no doubt and just know

You may feel like it’s something you don’t deserve
A gift too wonderful that you don’t think you’re worth
What you really don’t see is hidden deeper, waiting to be unearthed
It’s all the small things you never think of when you reflect..

I always wonder if you really understand self-respect
You beat yourself up without noticing the accomplishments underneath
Living a life dedicated to life’s dignity
What more noble a cause to devote to than sheer equality?

But still, at the end of the day, it comes down to how you can convey..
The way God lives and moves and changes lives like your own
And no one would have ever known..
Had it not been your task, your vocation to spread His love

The author's comments:
This piece talks about how tomorrow is really another day and that God can help you to over come anything.

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