The Astronomical Heart

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it possible to tell when someone is getting ready to leave you?
Does the moon wrap its icy rays around your heart and pull?
Pull until there is a bloody gash in your chest and your heart is flung all the way to Pluto and beyond the Milky Way?
Is your heart then sucked into an unforgiving black hole and never given back?
Does it just disappear?
Will you no longer stand by me when the going gets rough?
Once you close the door you don't realize that you can't have me back because my heart has already gone.
You don't understand that once I've forgiven you it isn't the same.
I have scars deep inside my body where the moon has stolen my soul.
Ripped my spirit out of my trembling body which was secluded beneath my bed sheets.
And I will never look at the moon in the night sky the same ever again.
Because Mom, Dad, You left. And eventually you came back.
But to me, you are still gone.

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