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Observations of Lovers

January 19, 2011
By keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
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Lovers spend their days in idyll
Drunk stupid with emotion
Got that steamy passion eating at their souls
Dazed in that love-bliss
Go numb to all around them but one
Melt for their drug of choice
And only touch who is only touched
By their clumsy nervous fingers
Lovers sing,
Cry out everyday,
Screeching melodies of happiness
And give their lovers more love than ever created 
Thought to be only a story some old person whispered
As new lifetimes flounce pass them
Consumed by the flighty breezes of youth,
Lovers hold onto their magic secrets
Clutch ignorance wholeheartedly,
Knowing fully of death and defeat 
But still spread silliness all around them

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