Green Grass

January 19, 2011
By keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
keyoka SILVER, Mckinney, Texas
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I wish I had the money, the time
To spend my nights in a mansion
To sleep on fine silk
That curves itself to fit the curves of me
What is hunger?
What is stress?
Such misfortunes know not my name
But no, my days are filled with envy
Of others that relish in a cooler breeze
While i sweat in Summer's gaze
They always say it's no greener on their side
But they're always lying to me
And they don't know what I got over here
Dead grasses, broken leaves
Dead promises, broken dreams
Nonstop wishing for better days
Praying to the invisibility that never answers
With no one relating
No one to tell
From fear of judgement
They're always judging me
It's 'cause they have so much greenĀ 
To mow and throw anywhere they please
Then complain to me about their tough times
How hard life is for them
And mock me in my agony
Because they say I don't know real pain
Oh, my life is so sweet they tell me
Being, somehow in the midst of shadowy skies,
Able to serenade the stars from their superior positions
Into the waves of my coarse hair
Embed them deep within my chocolate skin
And I am covered
For they bathe me
With the most striking air of pride

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