It's Because of Her

January 19, 2011
My world is falling apart

Melting away

What once was so beautiful now is ugly

To lose someone time and again

To see her fall

And not want to get back up

I’ve now watched her slip away

Into that dark abyss

I call the land of purgatory

There is no light

But darkness does not yet have hold

I want to save her

But when my world is crashing down

How do I put it back together

And bring her back into the light

As my world disintegrates

I want her to know

That My only regret

Is that this time

When she fell

I couldn’t pick her up again

Blue Sky’s now so rainy and dark

Nightmares of her burning

She walks along this line

Saying it only affects her

My world

My wonderful world

Has died in her finger tips

Without a thought

She killed my life

No joy for me

I want the my world to be as it was

With her happiness

I want her to want something

I want the world that was once mine

To be whole once more

I want her to pick me up for once

I have fallen this time along with her

And I would have gotten up for her

But as I lay in the peaces left of my world

She lies next to me

Not even a move to help

Good-Bye wonderful world

Because this time

I can’t get up without her

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ErisRose said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 11:07 am
This is amazing, and i can relate to this so much. I was like this with my best friend, and she couldn't see how much she mattered to me. I went through a dark period in life and she wasn't there to help me. This is exactly how i felt about it. thank you
Anti-Human replied...
Feb. 3, 2011 at 10:56 pm
Thank you for commenting. This is about my Girlfriend. Everything has been better with her for a long time now this is old. Actually we just had our 1 year anniversary :)
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