Moonlit Ballerina

January 19, 2011
Moonlit Ballerina
Lacing up and around, Tucking shining ribbons
Pushing over polished tips
Bending, stretching.

Waiting for the cue, for the music to start…
To get lost in the moment, in the movement
To treasure every second in the studio
Like a feather, in the moonlight of the night.

At the bar, lower and rise
Cold touch beneath placed hands
Memorizing steps and combinations
Moving with incredible grace
Balanced from head to toe.

Every step, every turn seems heavier
Every beat in the music seems harder, slower
Weighing her down, the shift in the floor
Silk over comes her.

Ribbons extended, Worn soles beneath her
Stitches sewn up the side
A shine on the outside.

Gazing past the untouched bar
The worked-over floor
At the glass mirror
Lay still in the moonlight.

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