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The Year

January 19, 2011
By M.K.Jasper SILVER, Santa Ana, California
M.K.Jasper SILVER, Santa Ana, California
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The year was a not so good year for some
Let me tell you why
Just open your ears and hear my tale.

The Year was filled with pain
The Year left the people feel lonesome
Each day watching, waiting
The clock pass the time slowly
Each hour was filled with excuses that were lame.

You may act as if nothing went wrong---
But your wrong doing has come to an end
Just as The Year's time is done

Hear my tale for only it is said once
The Year was unfaithful.
The Year was filled with darkness all around us.

But now here we are and nothing has changed.
The Year is still gruesome
The Year still portrays a betrayal.

Come close as I whisper my last words of this tale:
I shall not despise The Year
It was only you who committed this crime.
Its time for to pay your price

The author's comments:
i wrote this because of the problems my family has been having so basically this is a portrayal of what my family went through

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Azrael BRONZE said...
on Feb. 5 2011 at 11:52 pm
Azrael BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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ur family shud be supportin u, jocelyn i got ur back

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