January 19, 2011
These are all the characteristics of the one I love,
He is truly amazing,
Eyes as deep as the beautiful ocean,
Strong as the ocean waves crashing against rocks off shore,
As brave as he can be,
Brave enough to save lives,
And take care of a son,
A son that will look up to him,
And love him as much as I do,
Strong enough to make me feel safe when I’m with him,
With him I have everything I need,
But without him I am nothing,
He is my hero for taking time out of his life to dedicate time to his son,
And to care for me the way he does,
If I had to fight for anything in my life,
I would fight to keep him by my side,
He is my hero,
But not only I s he my hero,
He is the guy I am in love with.

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