Forever is a Big Word

January 19, 2011
By , Brooklyn, NY
Is friendship forever?
Can we always stay close?
You say "yes!" now, when we're together
And anything goes.

These people, these places--
They're so cheerful
But they're so temporary, the smiles on their faces,
It makes me fearful.

The truth is grim.
I miss our friendship so,
We were always at whim
Why it stopped I can never know.

Is friendship forever?

What will you say
In ten years
When you've moved far away
And our bond disappears?

Can we always stay close?

People come and go
Like fall, winter, spring;
And before you know
They've become an old fling.

Why can't I have one person forever?
Just one.
I don't mind whoever,
So long as we have fun.

I guess there's only one thing that's forever,
And that's change.
We can fight it never,
We can't avoid it, we can't exchange.

Change is eminent.
People do it every day, like mother nature herself.
Perhaps it's the only constant element
Aside from life and death itself.

We need to accept that, however we can
Even though it seems absurd.
Next time, don't say forever is your plan
Because forever is a big word.

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