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January 19, 2011
By lexiedf BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
lexiedf BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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No matter what happens know that I am here for you and that I love you

you kicked me out of your life once again
but this time its for good
and its hurting me more then its ever hurt before...
I thought i could take this
that it wouldn't hurt
but look at me I'm sitting here on the floor crying
wishing i could just end my life
make all the pain go away
but i cant because if I end my life
that means losing you for good
and seeing you cry seeing you were i am now
and i cant stand to see like this
so to save you the pain i will survive i will get better
i will pick myself back up
Because I'd rather be in pain and crying then to ever have to see you upset...

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