January 19, 2011
I feel alive—
the cold night air cuts deep into my skin
making me shiver and question my sanity,
but one glance at the sky quiets my fears.

The silence of the night soothes my troubled mind
and I savor the sharp edges of the grass the breeze has tangled me in.

Up here in the mountains
there isn’t another soul in sight;
only an endless expanse of black sky dappled by faraway stars.
The glowing orbs reflect light from a place I cannot fathom,
only imagine.

Down here on the earth
on a hilltop in some God-forsaken town,
I feel small and insignificant,
Yet I am a piece of something massive and perfect
that I will never understand.

Acceptance is a virtue my mind repeatedly fails to grasp.

But the breath in my lungs gives me hope—
for now, I am content to simply live.

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