The Trees

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Although they are bound to the ground
They are as free as can be
They dance in the rain and the wind
And take in the warm yellow sun.

They are so compassionate, and kind
So they give a place to anyone
Passing by in this thing we call life.
They are witnesses to life being hatched
In the world unknown
And then finally see the first soar.

They hold children during the day
As they bend to their backs
They give them fresh air to breathe in,
And its the one place to let the moments of the day fade away

They listen to you when you’re fuming
They keep you when you’re in despair
They build memories that will stay with you
And will precede with you forever
Like swinging you into that lake
On a glorious hot summer’s day.

Trees do not judge, they do not damage
But they shield you as the years go on
And maybe one day, if they let you,
They will show you the world from way up above
And they will show you what living and what life truly is.

The author's comments:
I used to watch trees sway in the wind outside one of my classroom windows and I just began to write

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