School: How it is for teens.

January 19, 2011
By , Kalamazoo, MI
What does that word mean to you,
For most teens,
It's a nightmare,
School, teachers, not doing anything fun,
I know a lot of kids that think about skipping,
I don't blame them,
Teachers is all on that B.S.
Man, I think the teachers needs to get a life,
Because right now it's not doing anything for them,
Students not listening to what they have to say,
Students listening to their I-pods,
Texting in class,
It's just a waste of time,
But if there is one thing that comes good out of it,
Students usually learns to learn,
Respect the teachers,
And get a good career,
The United States of America sure do need High School students to succeed,
Because we the people of the United States need jobs,
So don't think of school as your worst enemy,
Think of it as your best friend and succeed.

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