January 19, 2011
By sienna-moon BRONZE, Knutsford Road, Other
sienna-moon BRONZE, Knutsford Road, Other
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When I look up at the sky,

I feel the world,

My home,

My haven,

My hell on earth.

The green trees surround me,

A shady shelter,

But the guns fire below-

Evil's Banter.

My feet feel the ground,




The lives of so many.

Have been lost to this nation.

My family, my friends,

They are all gone,

Up in the sky,

United as one.

The evil will not cease,

So maybe I'll be next,

Just a number in you text book,

The same as the rest.

And then I'll be forgotten,

Like so many gone before,

And then they'll be nothing left,

And evil will reign galore.

So when you whisper you're prayers at night,

Remember me now,

Just one forgotten soul,

Who was here,

Right now.

The author's comments:
The inspiration for this piece came to me once in a History lesson. We talk about the number of people killed in war so cold-heartedly- just a figure with no significance, but what about all those people? Each one had a life, a family and a future. Now they have nothing. War took that away from them. And it's not just wars in the past either, war still carries on nowadays. The girl in my poem, Eva, lives in Samarra, a war-torn country of today.

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