I Remember

January 19, 2011
By cindylouwho BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
cindylouwho BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I slide out
From behind the curtains.
Try to distract myself,
Try not to look at the mass of people in the crowd.
Advance to my spot
In the darkness,
Pitch black.
I cease movement
When I reach
Center stage.
Spotlight comes up.
Bright, blinding lights
Try not to peer past them,
Try not to notice familiar faces.
The music starts.
Steady, dreamy beat,
Exciting, amplifying horns.
Nerves gradually build,
Anxious as ever.
Lips quiver,
Hands shake.
Endless thoughts
Run through my mind.
Thoughts of lyrics,
Thoughts of tempo,
Thoughts of notes,
Thoughts of everything that could possibly go wrong.
Block them out.
Think positive thoughts
Of mom and dad hidden somewhere in the theater,
Of my best friends in the front row,
Of the cast mates rooting for me backstage.
Here comes my cue.
My mouth opens.
Words and notes gently flow out,
Hitting each pitch,
Enunciating every syllable.
Belting it out,
Projecting my voice
Throughout the huge space.
A pleasantly loud sound,
Even without a microphone.
My eyes effortlessly spot my parents.
Dad is tearing up,
Mom is smiling wide.
Eyes glaze over to my friends,
Front row, left side.
Exuberant smiles,
Content expressions.
The song ends.
Thunderous applause
Surrounds my presence.
White smile widens,
Eyes shine brighter,
At an all-time high.
Nothing can bring me down.
Like a butterfly, I float backstage.
No one can knock me off.
My solo
My passion
My moment.
I remember…

The author's comments:
Singing a solo in my school musical inspired this piece. In it, I am recalling the memory of being under the spotlight. I hope others will feel like they are there in that moment while reading this poem.

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