For You.

January 19, 2011
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This is for all the history teachers that live in the past, and
For the inventors that live in the future.
This is for everyone stuck working the midnight drive-thru hours.
For the Mama who tried, but her boy just can’t do right.
For the Pro and Anti abortionists who stand there and fight for what they believe in,
still not accomplishing anything.
This is for the people who pray to a god they don’t believe in, just to do it.
For the babies who are sick and their mothers who worry.
For the poor and for the rich.
For the loved and for the hated.
Be Free.

This is for the drug addict who wants to quit
but pops the pill anyway.
For the doctor saving peoples lives, and for the murders who take them away.
This is for the savers and the healers; for the killers and the dangerous.
For the school bully that knows nothing but pain
To anyone that cares, and even those who don’t.
For the boys and girls at school that everyone pretends to hate but secretly envys.
Be Free.

This is for the curse words that slip out of everyone’s’ mouths.
This is for the cow who knows that he’ll be a juicy steak one day.
For the child in an orphanage who watched her parents die.
For the insomniacs and for the people who go to bed at eight.
This is for the geniuses and for the idiots.
For those who believe in everything,
And even those who believe in nothing.
For the optimists and the pessimists.
For the people whose dreams never come true
This is for everyone.
Be Free.

This is for the victims of the world.
For the wears of the fake smiles, and for the people who make them that way.
For the girls who cower in fear under his fist
and then go home and cry, but yet still stay with him
For the conceited, arrogant boys and the stuck- up, know-it-all girls that think their amazing
and for the boy in love with that perfect girl that ignores him
This is for the tears that run down everyone’s’ faces
and for the anger in everyone’s’ hearts.
Be Free.

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