Fight the Hands of Time

January 23, 2011
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Stuck in
Nostalgia mode
Of past events
Events and moments that will never be seen again
Except in the mind
We always say we want to invent time machines
When our present life gets rough
But what would you change?
If you changed the past, to make that time more happy
Who’s to say that yowoulddn’t make, the
Present more treacherous?

To try to move the hands on a clock
To make them swing the other way
To try to turn back time
Is to say that you don’t want to stay
In the life that you live
You want to be younger
You want to change the future
But you don’t know where to begin.
You press the rewind button on the VCR,
A scattered picture flashes on the screen,
Static filled, and soon you can’t figure out
What time in your life you’re at.
The faces, places, and bodies that wiz through the screen,
And flash in your eyes
Are mesmerizing nightmares, and happy times

You laugh, cringe, and cry
At the film
Of your life,
While you try to figure out what parts to tape over,
The screen is lined with static snow,
But you’re determined to find the part you want to change.

After hours and days, of searching and sifting through endless tapes of film
You find the moment you most want to get rid of,
But first you watch it,
Again and again,
You don’t want to watch, but you can’t turn away
It’s a clichéd train wreck of a
But you think long and hard, about that memory
And how it’s changed you,
How it’s made you who you are.

What’s sleep without a few nightmares?
What’s driving without a few bumps along the road?
What’s a video without static?
And what’s life without hardships?

You can try to sway the clock hands another way,
It’ll be a good work out
For what’s ahead.
And what’s ahead, is nothing more than

You just have to decide what your motivation is,
Because the camera is always rolling,
And the tapes multiply like rabbits,
Hoping around in the mind,
Ready to be played at any time,
But you’re not always the one who hits the rewind button.
Sometimes the mind decides to grow fingers,
And hold the button down for
Extended periods of time.

So just keep trying to change the hands on the clock,
Because that’s how you’ll gain your strength,
Your strength so you can be fit to battle against
The mind,
So that you’re not always stuck in
Nostalgia mode

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