The Girl

January 19, 2011
By Goodbar BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
Goodbar BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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As I sit on this bench pondering,
I can't keep myself from wondering,
Why I think back when I gaze into this pond,
As if by some unnatural bond,
I'm drawn back to that accursed day,
When you threw my love away.

The same pond by which we shared our first kiss,
That completely turned my life to bliss,
The same pond by which we confessed our love,
And an unearthly light shown from the heavens above,
Is the same place where you broke my heart,
By deciding that we must part.

I told you that you were my muse,
And to lie to you I still refuse,
I now understand this bond,
That brings me back this dreadful pond,
It's cold, shallow, and heartless too,
Like the girl who tore my heart in two.

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