January 21, 2011
By Anonymous

I hear your voice in my head.
Your not good enough.
You deserve the pain.
Those bruises show your evil.
Your blood red eyes flash through my brain.
I'm taken back.
Back to the old blue house that was my capture for so many years.
Back to the stairs you threw me down.
Back to the pain.
The nights spent praying for a miracle only to be denied.
Nothing stops that pain.
Then i see his little face.
Those big brown eyes.
That innocent face stops everything.
The pain,
The fear no longer exists.
You've been trumped by your own creation.
I remember the reason for all the pain.
So those brown eyes weren't black and blue.
That innocent face stayed flawless.
I grow stronger in the memories.
Your hands cant hurt me anymore.
I'm stronger than i ever have been.
You no longer scare me.
Your red eyes vanish.
Your voice is silent.
And i am free.

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