Carpe Diem

January 17, 2011
By Graygon GOLD, Reno, Nevada
Graygon GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
A man's true character can be measured by what he would do when he believes he would never be found out.

Ring-Ring, It's for you.
Another wake up call from life.
But you're having me answer
The phone,again, right?
You know, your mental obesity
Is going to be the
Death of you.
Get up and get busy, man,
'Caused the world ain't waiting
On you.
Life will pass you by,
No second glance or second chance,
And when it does, you'll regret it.
Work hard, and it'll pay off,
Don't think of something --
Just do it.
Knock-Knock, opportunity is here.
Imagine the possibilities of
The world if you put your mind
To good use and make the most
Of that brain that sits so idly
In your head.
It's there for a reason,
Everything is, so get used to it
And get usin' it.
Ring-Ring, it's for you.
Get up and answer it.

The author's comments:
Being in a program in school which requires students to perform at a higher quality and work a lot harder than other students, I have a mindset that all people should perform to the best of their abilities. This poem was written by me when I realized that a large majority of the students, not only at my school, but it the world, are not taking school seriously and seeing it as a privilege. This can also be applied to just about everything else in this world.

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