A Bittersweet Farewell

January 16, 2011
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I see you standing in the rain,

With your head looking at the sky,

Your eyes closed shut,

As if praying for the rain,

To just pour out,

And wash away your pain.

Your lips trembled,

And a tear slid down your face.

Your hands clasped around your heart.

As if trying to keep,

The pieces from breaking.

I walked and stood next to you,

And tried to wrap,

My cold lifeless hands,

In an embrace to comfort you.

But I forgot that I am dead,

And you are alive,

And the tears that you shed,

Are for my soul that rests in the ground.

And as the rain stops,

The clouds departing,

I whispered to your ear,

My last goodbye.

I love you,

And I hoped with all my heart,

That you have heard my last farewell.

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