Be Not Afraid.

January 16, 2011
Be not afraid.
For fear drives us into the darkness of paranoia.
Albeit the black emotion of fright lingering in the depths of my soul pulses threateningly fast with thoughts felt.
Fear of a name, a father, a scene I never want to be played out.
Life would shatter—become empty.
What is this bundle of raw feeling so eloquently contained in my chest?
No longer am I three. I am older.
So you see, I should not feel this aching dread.
Growing, bit by bit with every passing breath or tick-tock; this ghostly presence of forbearing eating me alive as every second goes by.
Each day brings closer the day they depart,
Into a deadly world of sand, gunfire, blood and war.
My oldest brothers, both shall leave,
Into their destiny which fate has yet to weave.
Connected through spirit, not by the red in which runs through our veins.
Family for life, love everlasting.
Trembles of distress quake at the malicious belief.
Along with those two, there is only one other.
He holds my heart, the brother of my brothers.
Together the three shall leave, going together across the seas.
Each will perform his civic duty as I wait at home with bated breath.
The greatest fear I’ve ever had beats at my dreams,
Threatening to become a tragic reality.
My heart, My brothers—number one and number two,
In the darkest parts of life, the scary aches do lie.
Forever my utmost horror is for any of those three boys to fall.
Be brought back in a casket; a funeral to be held for all.
The American flag draped over his chest,
The entire world seeing him one last time,
Clad in his Sunday best.
Oh! Yes, my unforgettable fear stands high above all others.
Never do I want to bury my love, or my brothers.

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