Of All the Things They Thought They Knew

January 7, 2011
By Anonymous

They said you could never tell,
By the look on her face,
She hid it well,
That scary place,

The one in her head,
With all the voices,
Telling her she'd rather be dead,
Distracting her from other choices,

They thought she was fine,
They never knew,
That in her world the sun never did shine,
And the sky was always dark blue,

They didn't know,
She cried herself to sleep,
They kept her up, those foes,
The ones she couldn't beat,

And as she spiraled down,
Towards that deep, dark hole,
Her friends were nowhere to be found,
To mend her tattered soul,

They never heard her cries for help,
All they saw was the fake smile plastered on her face,
She never even let out a yelp,
To warn them she couldn't escape,

And everyone just couldn't believe,
That her perfect life was hell,
Somehow they had all been decieved,
And they thought they knew her so well,

Everyone was so surprised,
When they found she could take no more,
Maybe she would have survived,
If they had helped her fight her hidden war.

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