My Meadow

January 7, 2011
By Hollie1215 GOLD, Hadley, Michigan
Hollie1215 GOLD, Hadley, Michigan
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Lavender lightly lingers in the air,
Swooo! A breeze picks up the sweet scent of
Freshly cut grass, and wild roses.

I might be hallucinating
This place is out of my imagination
So glorious that I’m losing my concentration!

Green hills roll far back into the lush
Forest where the suns rays slip by plush
Tree branches and glisten on the wild grass.

I feel as if heaven has kissed my meadow
Where the Earth has crumpled and rolled on the damp dirt,
Where purple lavender and the reddest of the wildest roses dance.

The butterflies hop and the deer fly where that on old oak
Sits lonely on top of the biggest hill, being mocked
By the hill that has friends surrounding him.

That tree seems to provide the perfect amount of shade the kind that
Makes you want to nap outside all day. The old wooden swing
Just hangs from the oak occasionally swaying in the wind.

I love to rumble and tumble and laugh, as I run through the
Hills. I love how the forest creeps into the shade
Trying to stay away from my gorgeous meadow.

Ha! My gorgeous meadow, the meadow my daddy
Said was mine. The meadow that he said God put there
Just for me. My gorgeous meadow…The one place I love.

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