what i dream

January 13, 2011
By , cedarhill, TN
Running from you
Is like running from me
I end up lost
And empty

Screaming for help
But no one hears
Lost in the darkness
Of all my fears

When will you find me
When will you come
When will you decide that this life
Isn’t enough

When you find me
Don’t lie to me
As soon as you do
You will loose
All you knew

Crying tears
The fall down like an endless rain
Killing all hope, all dreams. Pain,
That’s all I feel
Sucking me deeper and deeper in to the dark
Places of my mind
Eventually killing me
But you don’t even care
You brook my heart
Tore it in two
You watched me cry
You watched me die

My dreams
My lies
All tie
Me to you
Your eyes
Do not see
Me loving you
But when I died
You finally saw
That you loved me

“It’s only just began”
My whole life
I had a dream
And it was never of you
The one day
You came alone
And ruined all I knew

You dreamed
Of a life
Where you could be free
In a world without love
Then you meet me

We changed the was
We saw the world
In the end
We lost

I lost my life
You lost your love
To a driver who was drunk
You were driving, I was not

You blame yourself because their gone
Your daughter, you wife, your only loves
Now you think
Your life is up
But it’s only just begun

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remembermeplz said...
Jan. 31, 2011 at 8:44 pm
Wow this is truly amazing.And I am so sorry for his family.I really do love it but some of your spelling is messed up.I love♥ it =]
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