Winter Fears

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Icy tears spread icy chills,
Sky sorrowful,
Fate unfold in the gray of the day and sleepless of the nights,
Loves turn to dusk on the glaciers of mourning,
Shattered memories of juvenile visions of love and wonderlands,
Brilliant white soon turns bleak and resentful,
How I miss the rays of the starfish high in the sky,
Glorious but so cruel in the midday blister,
Worries are of amoeba compared to that of heartbreak,
Gray melts away as if it was innocent of the murderous deeds it so loathsomely committed,
Light comes,
Light goes,
But never has happiness seemed so fleeting,
Wishes are of not of the furnace in the sky but the reliving of never forgotten memories.

The author's comments:
My dad died when he had an accident in the car by slipping on black ice. I hated winter for a long time after that, when I realized its no ones fault

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