No More Room For Make Believe

January 19, 2011
By BriannaN. GOLD, Horatio, Arkansas
BriannaN. GOLD, Horatio, Arkansas
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Whatever happened to the dreams of the other side?
What created the bomb that blew their minds
Into endless space?
Silhouettes portray a sordid past of monsters
Layers of phantoms haunt the halls of my memories
Every day
May the curse never spiral down the drain
Or let the nightmare fall asleep
Mundane words fill an empty plane
My hands tremble in the shadows
Spoken phrases seem to vanish in open air
Lids threaten to disappear
That touch that kept me alive all those years
Finally finds its place in all those long lost dreams of yesterday
Reality found its end
Fingers entangle in a sweep of a mess of hair
But lips never concede defeat
Voices spike the punch
My legs begin to crumple under this weight
Strange figments of illusions break down my inner ear
Macabre scenes set against the blank canvas
All I wanted was that love
That love that I let slip away
Now my dreams live like ghouls
Stepping into my line of vision
Dreams of what could have been plague my sleep
Insomnia rests peacefully
Inside my heart
I break free never
Lost in this perpetual lurking world
Of make believe

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