Could You Kill Me?

January 19, 2011
Could you kill me?
Beyond your dreams of self-denial
Bathed in a sea of disbelief
Trained eyes mock Saturn’s rings
And draw the unyielding storms
Words retain the Ritalin
Compound assaults breathe the toxin
That disperses through the atmosphere
Can the death of you prevent the death of me?
It shouldn’t be like that
I’ll take the fall before you can ever
Take to the influence
Of time travel
Blood streams again down the backsides of the murdered
Thrashes, open wounds
Grace can’t hold your hand through it all
Not like the days of the in-between
The days that bred disaster and
Lied about the fears you had seen
Monsters lurk
But they can be beaten
Is there any other way to rid the world of the hate than to purge the pure?
Can benevolence be saved?
Words alter seconds
Each step takes another quarter-turn
Rotation is underrated
Shattered illusions plague the victim
But the framed never stood a chance
He disappeared
And I was deranged
With no opulent perceptions
Let loose the gale
Watch the riptides pass you by
Nameless faces determine the fate in which
You dissolve your rings of multitude
Irony twists the tail of the judge
Set fire to those walls
With all these thoughts thundering through my head
Could you kill me?
Had you the chance?

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